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Different types of bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)

When we speak about weight loss surgery may be some of operations such as abdominoplasty or liposuction considered but weight loss surgery is different!! In bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery we make some changes in stomach or gastrointestinal tract which lead to losing weight dramatically. All of the surgeries’ done with advanced techniques of laparoscopy without any opening of abdomen. Now we describe four major bariatric surgeries.in types 1,2and 3 we have restrictive mechanism for weight loss and in the last type we combine malabsorbtive mechanism.


1/gastric banding

In this procedure we put a silicone band around the proximal part of stomach which divided it into two parts. Upper part has a volume about 40-50 cc which fills to make a false satiety in patient and avoid more eating actually. The band is connected to a port could be adjusted externally. This procedure is more useful for young adults and women who like have child bearing.

2/sleeve gastrectomy

In this technique about 80% of stomach which just has a role of storing of foods is resected and extracted. Restriction of stomach volume leads into limitation of eating and results in losing weight.
Because the garlin glands which has an important role in appetite is located in this part, the appetite of patient is decreased definitely and it helps to losing weight too.

3/gastric plication

In this technique we imbricate the stomach on itself with suturing which restricts the volume of it and leads into declining of intake

4/gastric bypass

In this procedure first the volume of stomach is restricted with stapling then a loop of small bowel brought and connected to this part of stomach which causes to divert the digestive channel as reduces the ability of absorption of fats and carbohydrates and calories.